Family Photography

Let’s celebrate our families and especially the grandparents! Get everyone together and I will do the rest! I recommend outdoor sessions and a fun filled afternoon (into the golden hour of sunlight) for my family photo shoots. I have some beautiful locations and will help you style your wardrobes.


Family Photo Shoot
$ 695
  • 1-2 hour session
  • 5 digital images


Family Photo Shoot
$ 1095
  • 1-2 hour session
  • 15 digital images


Family Photo Shoot
$ 1295
  • 1-2 hour session
  • 30 digital images
Family portraits
  • Family portraits posed and casual interactions
  • Each child for individual portrait
  • Siblings posed and playful
  • Each parent with each child
  • Add on grandparents and extended families

Relax and have fun! That is most important. Spending time with your family and playing games with your kids is where I like to start. Sometimes it takes a little time for some personalities to warm up but I have some good activities to help if needed. 

Extended families are welcome too and PETS! If you have a fur baby – please bring along your dog(s), they are a part of your family and make a great addition to your portraits!

What to wear

I recommend neutrals and soft pastels, avoiding shirts with logos or bold / bright colours that distract from your family and expressions. Match tones for example; Dad in white shirt and navy shorts, Mum in white or blue dress with blue necklace / scarf (or add dusty pink here), son in white or grey shirt and denim shorts and daughter in dusty pink / grey or blue dress (add denim jacket). 

My Request

Please be open minded and relaxed for your portraits. As a fellow Mumma (and a perfectionist) I have had a number of my own family photoshoots and I can honestly say from experience that “expression beats perfection” this is a powerful mantra to say to yourself on the day! Children playing and having fun is a far better result than being told they must sit “here” and smile… especially for the wriggly smallest ones!

Let it go. This means you are light hearted knowing that I have everything under control and your children will be having fun rather than picking up on your stress. I will work with your children and to gain their trust – this is how I achieve your best portraits. Please don’t worry about anything – let’s chat!