Birth Photography

So this is one of the most exciting photo shoots! Photographing the miracle of birth is an incredible honour. I know this is a very precious time for you, which I why I recommend we meet for a coffee to chat and get to know each other and you can ask any questions. Mostly I photograph Cesarean Section deliveries, however availability for Natural birth is also possible, but not always guaranteed.

Deluxe - Cesarean Delivery

Birth story
$ 1495
  • Your scheduled delivery date is reserved exclusively for you and prioritised if early labour occurs
  • Images include meeting in room, the trip to theatre, the amazing birth, umbilical cord cutting, weight & measurements, first cuddle in theatre and skin to skin time with Mumma in recovery
  • Approx 2 - 3 hours coverage
  • Birth announcements: 5 digital images within 24 hours
  • 100 digital images
  • 10% discount off Mater Newborn Momento package on day 3 or 4 of newborn's life

Deluxe - Natural Delivery

Birth story
$ 1995
  • Communication throughout labour and on call from 38 to 40+ weeks on call
  • Labour updates at start of labour from partner and midwives, arrival & coverage from 8cm dilated
  • Images include meeting in room, the amazing birth, newborn weight and measurements, umbilical cord cutting, first cuddle and skin to skin time with Mumma
  • 100 digital images
  • 10% discount off Mater Newborn Momento package on day 3 or 4 of newborn’s life
  • Birth announcement : 5 digital images within 24 hours
Birth Photography

Before your newborn’s birth day, we meet for a coffee or if some couple’s wish to have a maternity photo shoot. This allows us to get to say hello and I can answer any questions or talk through my own natural and C-Section births if you are feeling anxious. 

Words cannot explain the absolute joy and expressions of parents as their baby is born! My photographs do though. To be in the room as this little person enters the world and capture the very moment when Mummy reaches out and touches her newborn, holds her and Daddy kisses her head. 

It is just incredible to be able to save these memories for the families that book me as their birth photographer!  And it is the beginning of a great journey ahead for them as new parents or welcoming another child for your growing family. 

How to book


I can book scheduled C-Section births however, for natural deliveries I can do my best to make it, but cannot promise my attendance. I have several back up photographers in this case and I will absolutely attend at any hour of the night. However, there are some things to factor, like my little kiddies and if I can leave them in Daddy’s care or have babysat, also if I am in the middle of another photoshoot. 

So for my natural birth clients, I promise if I cannot make your birth and you do not want a backup photographer, I will do the fresh 48 hospital session or newborn images of your choice. 

Birth photography is very personal, but also it is done very tastefully. The focus is on expressions, and first moments. Babies first breath, first embrace with parents, their joy! Privacy is important and I only photograph in the style parents request. You will also need approval from your Obstetrician. 

Let’s chat about your hopes and ideas, I can try to answer your questions with my personal experience and knowledge of the Mater Hospital and help you feel more informed.

The Birth Story

Within 2 weeks from the date of the birth, your high-resolution digital images will be available to view via a private, password protected online gallery in colour and duplicated black & white. All images are individually and professionally edited. 5 digital images sent within 24 hours should you wish to make an announcement.