What Makes An Amazing Local Maternity Photographer?

As a proud maternity photographer and an even prouder mum, it's always so important that I document everything I can while my kids are still small!

With Harry and Holly continuing to grow each day, I understand how special it is to capture their journey as they explore and flourish. And while I've been in the photography business for many years, there are many small but important elements that I believe make an amazing, local maternity photographer.

These are aspects that I think you should look for in ANY photographer, but there are parts that are more important than others, to me.

First and foremost, it's about being comfortable! And honestly, it can be really hard to feel relaxed when your body is changing, expanding and overall creating new life! Then add a camera and really we are setting up for disaster! But it's so important that families know that I get it and they are not alone. As a mum myself, it doesn’t change. Being a tired, worn-out, spew-ridden parent is a whole part of the job and I'd love to help you feel comfortable, which leads to those genuine moments coming naturally.

It starts with trust - in us both! You have come to me with an abundance of faith, hoping that I can take your vulnerable moments and create magic.