If we haven’t already met, “Hi, I’m Sarah”… A woman passionate about family portrait photography and people… in love.

Since the age of about 14, I had a camera in my hand and through my teenage years I spent endless hours in the darkroom developing photographs, the old school way. I worked with children in day care centres and as a family nanny. I fell in love with the magic of capturing simple, special moments for parents and have been learning and loving it ever since.

With over 20 years’ experience in photography, handling newborn babies and connecting with children, I have been developing my skills and educating myself in family portraiture. My “clients” quickly become friends and they will tell you, how I pour  e v e r y t h i n g  into my work!

It is my personal connection with you and your children, that – is where we begin. My investment in getting to know you, is how I find your magic and record your images.

Harlly & Me …

My photography is natural and candid. I focus on the ‘in-between’ moments. Most often when I am posing people – it’s when they relax and think I’m not looking that I get my best shot! We laugh and we joke, I will make you all feel very comfortable – even those who think they are camera shy or feel rigid in front of a lens, get the best images! I play music and we can dance if you want to! Whatever you need to feel comfortable – have confidence these will be your best images and you will shine!

My work has great variety, but the main focus is people. From the wonder of birth & teeny babies, through to our beloved grand (and great grand) parents! I work at the Mater Hospital with newborns, in people’s homes and gardens, outdoor park and beach locations, as well as my own home studio in Lane Cove.

Harlly & Co Photography is a really personal and significant name for me, as the word ‘Harlly’ is made up of 3 letters from both our children’s names; Harry & Holly (Har-ry & Ho-lly). Although I have been passionate about photography – forever, my hobby turned into a business when I became a mother, over four years ago. Thousands of images of my own kiddies later, it is with my whole heart that I dedicate my love of this business to them!

I am beyond grateful to have hundreds of clients now, and it is an absolute dream come true and pleasure to give parents and families photographs of their beloved children. To remember them from the teeny-tiny sleepy moments, all the way along your journey … as you love and remember their childhood.

Thank you for considering me to take such important images of you and your family.